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10-20 News July to December, 2005

For current news page click H-E-R-E, or above.

Previous News Pages: Jan-Jun 2004, Jul-Dec 2004, Jan-Jun 2005

Holiday Greetings

As we spend this season with our loved ones, I wanted to remark on some of our accomplishments. By many standards, Aux Air Station Caldwell has had a very successful year. Particularly in what we do best, flying patrols. As I write this, 10-20's members have completed 634 missions, and flown over 2,331 hours, a remarkable accomplishment. Three of our pilots have flown over 500 hours each, with one totaling over seven hundred at this writing. While there is but one week left in the year, we have the potential to surpass 650 missions and 2,400 hours.

We have grown as a Flotilla. Though we have lost a few valued members, we have gained some as well who we hope will be among the contributors to our success in the future. Overall, we now number over 70 members.

I want to express my sincere admiration and thanks to all who have made this a very successful year for Aux Air Station Caldwell. As I take the “left seat” in 2006, I am confident that Flotilla 10-20 will continue to be as successful as it was in 2005.

Larry West
Vice Flotilla Commander

Please also see the Director's Holiday Message and the National Commodore's Holiday Message on the
District 1 Southern “What's New” page.

Invitation to Training at AIRSTA Cape Cod

CGAS Cape Cod has extended aninvitation to all Aux Air participants to take part in their annual “Safety Stand-Up”, January 4, 2006 at CGAS Cape Cod. Please see NETSKEDS for the full details.

Change of Watch Update

The Change of Watch for the 2006 term has been reloacted and rescheduled. The event wll now take place at Season's Restaurant (click for a map), on Friday, January 20th at 1930 hours. The cost per person will be $60. Please read this e-mail to the members for more details.

Ice Patrol Workshop

Saturday, December 10, Aux Air Station Caldwell will be hosting the annual Ice Patrol Workshop at Caldwell Flight Services' Hangar, Essex County Airport (CDW). The festivities begin at 0930. Orders are available to fly in, and provide AFAM flights to our new people after the workshop.

December Dinner Meeting

The Entertainment Committee has come up with a plan for the December meeting. Please read the entry on our Calendar Page, and reply to Fred Simmons at Fred needs to know how many will be there.

NOTE THE DATE!!! Fred was unable to book our normal meeting night, so this will be on WEDNESDAY, December 7, one night early.

New Server for Website!

Update your bookmarks and shortcuts! The Flotilla website has made it's virtual move to the new National web servers. The new base url is:

That gets you to the main page. Most, if not all pages on the old server will get a redirection page. But that is only temporary, until National gets all the sites migrated to the new server, and the old server is retired.

2006 Officers Elected

The Flotilla electeions were held at the November meeting. Larry West was elected Flotilla Commander, and Judi DiMaio was elected Vice Flotilla Commander.

Dues Raised for 2006

The Flotilla members assembled at the November 2005 meeting voted to raise the annual dues beginning in 2006 to $ 45.00 per year. All members will be receiving dues notices in the mail in the next few weeks. If you paid already, Thanks!

Part of the reason for the hike in dues was the rise in the cost of dues that the Flotilla pays for each member up to District and National from $18 to $21. The Flotilla also plans to be more active in using the dues money to benefit the Flotilla and its membership.

New Meeting Space Impresses Members

Our new meeting space graciously provided by the American Red Cross, Metropolitan NJ Chapter was met with appreciation and positive comments from all. The photo below shows the space as seen from the FC's perspective. If you haven't been to a meeting because of the cramped space, those days are over!

Thanks to Fred Simmons for making all the arrangements.

New meeting space at the American Red Cross

November Meeting at Red Cross Building!

Map comparing location of CFA and Red CrossAs noted in the mailing sent out today, the November meeting is to be held in a meeting room donated by the American Red Cross Metro NY Chapter for our use. FSO-PS Fred Simmons was instrumental in getting this space for our use. The Red Cross is located at 209 Fairfield Ave, practically across the field from CFA. The new space promises to be attractive to members, guests and prospective members, with enough light, seating, and space for the entire Flotilla, which is now 70-strong. Click on the map at the right for a full-size map. Just make three lefts out of the CFA parking lot, and it's on the right.

Don't forget it is Flotilla Election night!

Division Elections

October 19 was Division election night. Vice Commodore Tom Venezio was on hand to certify the elections for Division Captain (DCP) and Division Vice Captain (VCP). Art Kramer, incumbent DCP is serving his second and last term as Division 10 DCP.

Marge Korteweg ran unopposed for DCP, and her eelection certified by the VCO. The race for VCP was anything but easy! A total of five candidates ran, two nominated from the floor that night. After at least five ballots, a winner was finally declared. Eric Fields, outgoing FC of 10-1 was elected after being nominated from the floor by Flotilla 10-20.

Congratulations to our new Division Bridge — Marge Korteweg and Eric Fields!

Donation to Katrina Relief

Division Captain Art Kramer has asked each Flotilla to donate $100 towards Hurricane Katrina Relief, much as we did for the tsunami releif last winter. 10-20 will surely step up to the plate. The $800 from the Flotillas in the Division will be met with $200 from Division coffers, for a total of $1,000 split evenly between the American Red Cross and the Salvation Army.

Hurricane Katrina Information

Along with your usual media outlets, the US Coast Guard has set up a website which is now covering the USCG response to Hurricane Katrina's aftermath. Click over to for the details.

Coast Guard Mutual Assistance - Hurricane Katrina

Coast Guard Mutual Assistance has set up a special account to assist Team Coast Guard members and their families in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.

Click on the link "Make a Contribution to assist Hurricane Katrina Victims".

As of August 31, four Coast Guard members were unaccounted for from CG Sector Mobile. At least one CG station (Gulfport, MS) has been destroyed. Undoubtedly, there will be similar problems for those housed off base, and local Auxiliarists.

Coast Guard Mutual Assistance is an organization dedicated to assisting members of Team Coast Guard and their families during times of need. CGMA provides zero-interest loans, personal grants, education assistance, and confidential financial counseling services. These benefits are available, with few exceptions, to all members of Team Coast Guard, including the Auxiliary.

If you wish to assist your fellow Team Coast Guard Members in this time of need, I urge you to consider Coast Guard Mutual Assistance. Once upon a time, they helped this Coastie, and it was much appreciated.

Larry West
VFC 10-20

Flotilla Patch is here!

See a scan of the production patch on the new 10-20 Emblem page!

Flotilla Patch almost here!

Flotilla 10-20 patch thumbnail The Flotilla patches, approved earlier in the year, and approved for purchase at the last meeting, will be here very soon. On August 25, the VFC received a scan of a “live” sample for final approval. This “live” sample is a stitched patch run according to the artwork sent in. The image to the right is a thumbnail image of the scan. Click on the image to see a larger image in a new window. That one will be close to the actual size of the patch (3.5"), but will vary, depending on your monitor and settings.

There will be one difference. The outer border will be gold, like the original images, and not white as it is here. That is the result of a misunderstanding on the VFC's part as to how the manufacturer would put the design into thread. Other than that, this is exactly the patch we will receive.

100 of the 120 patch order will be produced with black Velcro® backing to fix to your flight suit or flight jacket. The others will have a plain back, and were bought for a special Flotilla project (you'll find out later). Also purchased are US Flag patches to put on your flight suit or flight jacket, or flight bag, or…whatever!

At the September meeting, we will determine the pricing for the patches. We hope to make a small profit on the sale of the patches, to be used for the upcoming Change of Watch, or other Fellowship event. The details will be discussed at the meeting.

Flotilla Embroidered items to be available soon!

As mentioned in an e-mail earlier, FSO-PS Fred Simmons has worked out the pricing with the embroidery shop in Fairfield. Please take a look at this copy of the e-mail for the details. We will need to work out at the September Flotilla meeting what to do about the setup charge there. Please attend so we can decide this and the patch pricing.

Swim Test Website

There is a new webste out there where you can go for information on upcoming Aviation Swim Tests and Egress Training. The url is: . There you will get nformation on the tests, and see if you are properly signed up for the test. Please use this site, and sign up early for the swim test when you need one.

Pensacola Dates announced for 2006

The AUX-17/18 CRM/Spatial Disorientation C-school schedule for fiscal year 2006 (1-Oct-2005 to 30-Sep-2006) has been announced. Classes will convent on the date listed below.

27-October-05 26-January-06 27-April-06 27-July-06
17-November-05 23-February-06 18-May-06 24-August-06 (alt)
No December Class 30-March-06 22-June-06 28-September-06 (alt)

Note: All pilots, and Aircrew-qualified persons must take this class by the end of 2006. Put your bid in early to go when you want to, not when you have to. Observers can be taken on a space-available basis. Pilot trainees should request this training so as not to need it once everything else is done.

Place your request at least 45 days before the convening date. Orders are cut about 30 days before the class convenes. For further information contact Frank Tangel or Larry West. Or click H-E-R-E.

See the National Members Page for details on the following three items.

Standard Uniform Outerwear

The Coast Guard has established a standard for outerwear for formations and ceremonies in inclement weather. This consists of the belted Trench Coat and black leather gloves. Check the link above for full details.

New Auxiliary Aviation Patch Available

New Aviation Program PatchNational has announced the immediate availability of the new Auxiliary Aviation Patch from your District Store. This patch is to replace the “United States Coast Guard” patch worn opposite the leather name tag. Let's hope the version commissioned by National is better than the other versions which have been seen around the District. This patch is shown in Chapter 10, section H.5.b.1 on page 10-65.

Bye-Bye Working Blues!

As of 09-August, the Working Blue uniform has been discontinued at UDC. No more orders may be placed, and if your order has not been fulfilled, it will not be.

Members needing a working uniform are advised to purchase the Operational Dress Uniform (ODU). The ODU has replaced the Working Blues and the Undress uniforms for the Active Duty Coast Guard. The Working Blue Uniform remains an authorized uniform for the Auxiliary until further notice.

August meeting at CFA

The planned meeting at the other end of the airport hasn't worked out this month. We'll try again in September. Meeting will go on as planned at CFA.

August Division Meeting Canceled

The Division 10 meeting planned for August 17 has been canceled. The September meeting will be a Staff meeting much like the March meeting. All 10-20 Staff officers (except FN & SR) are encouraged to attend to meet and get to know your Division Staff Officer (SO).

Aviation Swim Test Update

The schedule for the memainder of 2005 has been published for the Aviation Swim test with Egress. Check NETSKEDS or the survival training section on our calendar page.

Notes: This training and egress test has become somwhat more difficult. The swim is now 75 yards, and boarding the liferaft is mandatory. This training is required by all members who are or want to become qualified in the USCG Auxiliary Aviation program. Take the time and schedule yourself for one as soon as possible, especially if you have not had one since 2004, or are a new member wanting to become involved.

More Air Ops in 2005!

On August 3, 2005, Air Station Caldwell bested our record for Air Operations hours from 2004. On that date, 10-20's NETSKEDS flight hours for 2005 surpassed our total hours for 2004. In 2004, 10-20 completed 303 missions, for 1,225.5 flight hours. As of midday, August 6, 2005, 10-20 has 375 completed missions and 1,238.3 flight hours. Should we maintain this pace, we will finish the year with approximately 630 missions complete and 2,083 flight hours. Click H-E-R-E for a chart showing January 1 to August 6 for 2003, 4 & 5

The lion's share of the credit for this must go to three of 10-20's pilots: Darryl Laxson, Fred Simmons and Frank Tangel. Each of them has over 340 hours as Pilot-In-Command (PIC) time this year. This is going to be a very close race for the Captain Rao Awards at the District Conference in March, with these three men in a dead heat for second behind a member from 10-1. Keep up the good work, gentlemen, and never compromise safety for just a few more hours.

To make the members understand the magnitude of these numbers, I went into AUXDATA to poll other Areas, Districts, Regions, Divisions and Flotillas. While the numbers in AUXDATA are driven by the 7030 reports sent in by the PICs (You did send them in, right?), and thus are different than what NETSKEDS reports, 10-20 can be proud of a very impressive record. 10-20 has more air hours in AUXDATA than: Any single Division in the entire Auxiliary (except our own), Districts 9 , 11, 13 and 14, and District 5 Northern. Overall, Division 10, First Southern has more hours than District 5, District 7, the entire Atlantic Area West (D8 & D9), and the entire Pacific Area (D11, D13, D14).

New Meeting Space ?

Immediate Past Flotilla Commander (IPFC) Bob Jenny has worked out an arrangement with the Essex County Improvment Authority (ECIA) and the Airport Manager to use a break room near the Airport Manager's Office for our meetings. We fully intend to be in that space for our August 11 meeting. It is very easy to get to. From our present meeting location, drive toward the control tower, and follow the road to the left. Continue all the way down this road, past Mac Dan Operations, past the T-hangars, past Mac Dan's flight school. Follow the road around the tiedown area, past the trailers, and past the last building on the right. This is where the new meeting room is. Park in the lot beyond the building, and enter through the door on that side.

We have prepared some photos and layouts of the room on our New Meeting Space webpage. Check it out!

The plan is to hold one or more meetings here to see how we like it, and if it will accomodate our needs. The air is cool in summer & warm in winter, and there is always someone to open it up for us. Currently, it is used as a break room and lounge for the ambulance crew. Please come to see the space and let us know what you think.

Security Paperwork issues

Your VFC is attempting to get all of the Security paperwork issues cleared up. Some of you will have receieved a package with some forms that you need to complete and bring to the next meeting on August 11. Please come, and make sure that if you were asked to provide proof of citizenship, you must bring it with you, along with a photocopy. The photocopy will be going to the Director, but the FC or VFC must verify the original. You will take your original home with you.

Yor VFC pledges that he will do everything possible to ensure everything goes to the Director, and is complete.

215th anniversary of the USCG

Thursday, August 4, 2005 marked the 215th anniversary of the birth of the United States Coast Guard. On August 4, 1790, the Revenue Cutter Service was established under the Department of the Treasury. The Revenue Cutter bill was passed, establishing funding for ten cutters.

Although the name “United States Coast Guard” was not used until 1915, August 4, 1790 is established as the “Birthday” of the USCG. The USCG is the nations oldest continuous sea service. The Navy was disbanded after the War for Independance, and would not be re-established until 1799.

The Auxiliary National Commodore (NACO) has prepared a statement on the 215th anniversary of the Auxiliary's parent service. You can download that H-E-R-E. (MS Word Document)

The number 1790 was used on a C-130 Hercules which the Coast Guard purchased to replace one which had crashed in Alaska. The CG was giving 17xx tail numbers to the C-130s it was buying at the time, but this particular aircraft — which was originally to go to the Royal Iranian Air Force — was equipped differently from the rest in the series, so the tail nmber 1790 was given to it (The USCG needed this plane so fast, that the CG stripe and designations were applied right over the desert camo paint scheme. I once saw a photo of that, and have not been able to find it again - LW)

Operational Polo Shirt now available

Operations Polo ShirtRecently, a new option has been authorized for Auxiliarists to wear with the ODU for Boat Crew, Vessel Safety Checks, etc. This consists of a dark-blue all cotton polo shirt. The Auxiliarist's last name, and "USCG AUXILIARY" are sewn onto the shirt. These are avialable exclusively through the AUXCEN. Orders must be placed using this order form.

This shirt is authorized as a substitute for the Working Blue shirt or the ODU shirt. It can also be worn with the hot weather (short pants) versions

To save shipping costs, perhaps we could put together a group order from 10-20. More information at the August meeting.

Member Page Split

It's that time of the year. The Member page has been split to allow for faster downloads once again. Scroll down the page for links to previous Member's pages.

Website Changes and Moves

In the next few weeks, there are several things going on with our web server. First, National is moving the server on or about Monday, July 18. Second, National will be migrating our site to a new server with more capacity. That will occur sometime in the subsequent 30 days. The URL or Web Address will be changing! The exact form of the new address is as yet unknown, but as soon as we know it, you will know it.

In an effort to help speed the transition time, please use the alias: to enter the site. That alias will be updated as soon as the site is moved and established on the new server. We will keep you apprised of the situation. - FSO-CS

New Weather Specialty Course Announced

Please read the following from National:

New AUXWEA Course Available -- The AUXOP Weather Course has recently been revised and is now available at the Auxiliary National Supply Center! This course is available on CD-ROM only (no paper textbooks are available) and can be ordered through your Materials Officer. The new exam is available in paper-based format and at the National Auxiliary Testing Center for those that prefer on-line testing. If you are currently taking the old version of AUXWEA, you can access the on-line test and paper-based tests until 1 October 2005.

[Posted: 15 June 2005. Source: Gail A. Fisher, DC-T]

All members received an e-mail regarding this on Saturday, July 17. If you did not, please advise the webmaster.

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